Here is a list of ideas for new contributors who want to work on something new.

If you are interested about any of them, you can start a discussion at mailing list, where the details can be discussed or more help can be given.

Sizing Chart:

  • Small generally indicates a work that is less than 500-1000 lines of code.
  • Medium is code patches between 1000--3000
  • Large - Beyond that.
  • XXL - is I don’t really know.

  1. Configuration protocol for SCM 
    1. Size : Medium
  2. S3 Load balancing - This is a work in progress based on the ideas from Craig Conduit from Target. I need to write down these ideas, but they have a successful load balancing pattern they use inside their cluster. We will borrow those ideas for S3 load balancing for Ozone.
    1. Size : Medium
  3. Trash - Matt from target is already driving this project. We can sync up and post patches with in this project.
    1. Size: Medium
    2. HDDS-2416 – in progress.
  4. Old Config to new config translations
    1. Chris Teoh is working with me on this -- but there are so many to convert this is a gold mine of patches. Easy,
    2. Size: Medium.
  5. SSD aware datanode -- if there are SSDs on the data node, we would like to use SSD as a cache and as the Ratis Log location. We also need a background thread that can move older files to spinning disks.
    1. Size : Medium
  6. Security architecture for the containers - we need to add some metadata and checking on containers to create them securely. This would mean that container creation will need to move to a client pipeline.
    1. Size: Small
  7. Certificate Server - Revoke Certificate - apurohit is probably going to work on this
    1. Size: small
  8. Certificate Server - Manual approval of Data node certificates
    1. Size: Medium
  9. Generic Token Service
    1. Size: Small/Medium
  10. Modification of Block Size
    1. Size: Small
  11. Modification of Blocks to Support Multiple SCMs.
    1. Size: Small/Medium
  12. SCM to have the ability to support multiple OMs groups - depend on the container security (6)
    1. Small
  13. Ozone to Ozone upgrade
    1. Size:Large ??
    2. rolling upgrade
  14. Object Version Support
    1. Medium
  15. Ozone in-place upgrades
    1. XXL
    2. HDDS-1266
  16. Fix the open key cleanup thread
    1. Size:small
  17. Translate docs to Chinese (HDDS-2708) – in progress
    1. Size:Small
  18. Add Object ID and Change ID to Buckets
    1. Size: very small
  19. Add Object ID and Change ID to Keys
    1. Size: very small
  20. Add modification time for Volume/Bucket (HDDS-426) – in progress
    1. Size: very small
  21. Track tests that fail -- build an historical report for Ozone.
    1. Size:Small
  22. Add notion of ServiceName or Domain to OM certificates - part of generic token design - apurohit.
    1. Size: very small
  23. Create an NIO based Ozone client.
    1. Size: Small/Medium.
    2. reference HDFS
  24. Ozone Client(Python) for Data Science Notebook such as Jupyter. 
    1. Size: Large
    2. PyArrow:
    3. Python -> libhdfs HDFS JNI library (HDFS, S3,...) -> Java client API Impala uses                      libhdfs
    4. How Jupyter iPython work:
    5. Eco, Architecture:
    6. HDDS-2443
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