Presentations about Hadoop

This is a list of presentations about Hadoop, by event and paper (newest first):

Public Presentations

A lot of these presentations are at local user groups. If there is not one in your area, start one! Take one of the existing talks and give it! Don't be afraid. The only thing to fear is trying to do live demos of MapReduce against a remote cluster. Most presenters avoid this.

SF-JUG, July 2011

BioAssist Programmers' day, January 2011

Hadoop Hackathon Amsterdam, December 2010

FOSDEM Brussels, February 2010

HUG Korea, December 2009

Hadoop Get Together Berlin, December 2009

DevHouse Berlin, October 2009

Lambda Lounge (St. Louis, USA), October 2009

Hadoop World, October 2009

Sunnyvale Hadoop User Group, September 2009

*HUG_Sep23.pdf ( Owen O'Malley, Yahoo!)

Apache Hadoop Get Together, September 2009

Bristol Hadoop Workshop, August 2009

The Bristol Hadoop Workshop was a small meeting; these presentations were intended to start discussion and thought

FrOSCon Sankt Augustin, August 2009

Hadoop Technical Discussion Presented at Machine Learning group TU Berlin, July 2009

Hadoop guest lecture at Beuth Hochschule Berlin, July 2009

Apache Hadoop Get Together Berlin, June 2009

Usenix, June 2009

Usenix is one of the big computing talks. The fact that Hadoop is now a subject of discussion is a measure of its success

Hadoop Summit, June 2009

This was the west coast summit, hosted by Yahoo!

HUG UK, April 2009

London meeting of the UK Hadoop Users Group

Apache Hadoop Get Together Berlin, March 2009

ApacheCon EU 2009, March 2009

The main ASF get-together in Europe

Apache Hadoop Get Together, December 2008

ApacheCon 2008, November 2008

The annual Apache US conference

Hadoop Technical Discussion Presented by Rapleaf, October 2008

East Bay Innovation Group, October 2008

NY Hadoop User Group, October 2008

Apache Hadoop Get Together Berlin, September 2008

HUG UK Meeting, August 2008

Presentations from the Hadoop User Group UK Meeting, London, August 2008

Apache Hadoop Get Together Berlin, June 2008

IBM Almaden Research, June 2008

ApacheCon EU 2008, April 2008

SPA 2008, March 2008

Mailtrust Tech Talk, February 2008

Older talks


Here are some courses that have used Hadoop to teach distributed computing (newest first):

Presentations in other languages:

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