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Unset Hostname Or Port

It is an error for a Hadoop client to try to connect to a service (including a web server/web service) with a network address of all zeros "", or a network port of "0".

Why not? Because it's meaningless on a client.

The address "" means, on a server, "start your server on all network interfaces you have". On a client, it tells you nothing about where the host is. The client cannot talk to a service at because there is no information as to where the service is running.

Similarly, a port of "0" tells a server application to "find a free port". The server can find a free port, but the client cannot know what it is.

Usually problems with addresses and 0 ports surface when a client application has been given the -site configuration of a service, the one the service uses to start up, which has a address. You cannot use the same configuration file for the client and the server in this situation. The client needs to know a real hostname or IP address of the server which is hosting the service.

Fix your client configuration and try again.

This is not a Hadoop problem, it is an application configuration issue. As it is your cluster, only you can find out and track down the problem.. Please do not file bug reports related to your problem, as they will be closed as Invalid

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