WTF? - A dictionary of Apache Harmony abbreviations and acronyms

Every technical community seems to grow a set of vocabulary around the terms that are in common usage, and it can often be the case that abbreviations, idioms and acronyms are impenetrable to the newcomer.

Besides the usual Internet slang, words in common Java usage and Apache Software Foundation terminology, here's a dictionary of terms that you may come across in the Apache Harmony project which may need some explanation:

ACQ : Authorized Contributor Questionnaire. A document that Harmony contributors are asked to sign.

BCC : Bulk Contribution Checklist. A document that we use to check incoming re-purposed code contributions to Harmony.

BTI : Build-Test Infrastructure

CC : Cruise Control, which Harmony uses for regression test.

DRLVM : Dynamic Runtime Layer Virtual Machine - the advanced VM developed within the Apache Harmony project.

EGA : Eclipse Geronimo Application - the name of a particular scenario test in the Apache Harmony test suite.

EUT : Eclipse unit tests

H-xxxx or HY-xxxx : (discouraged) A reference to the JIRA issue. See the encouraged form HARMONY-xxxx.

HARMONY-xxxx : Name of an Apache JIRA issue See also H-xxxx.

HDK_' : Harmony Developer's Kit. The set of files required to incrementally develop Harmony itself, c.f. the JDK which is designed for Java developers.

HUT* : Harmony Unit Tests, you may also see EUT = Eclipse Unit Test, GUT = Geronimo Unit Tests, ...*

hy* : Abbreviation for Harmony, commonly used in naming Apache Harmony modules and files. See also* H-xxxx*.

*JDI_': Java Debug Interface. A high-level API in JPDA stack which is used by Java debuggers like Eclipse or NetBeans to connect to other JVM and control debugged application. Harmony uses JDI implementation from Eclipse JDT Debug Project.

JDWP: Java Debug Wire Protocol. A communication protocol in JPDA stack which is used to control a JVMTI agent by a Java debugger over network or other communication means.

Jitrino, Jitrino.JET, Jitrino.OPT : Jitrino is the family name of JIT compilers that work with the DRLVM. The Jitrino.JET and Jitrino.OPT are JIT compilers with different architectures, as described here.

JPDA: Java Platform Debugger Architecture. A stack of standard APIs and protocols which are used for debugging and profiling of Java application. Includes JDI, JDWP and JVMTI specifications.

JVMTI : Java Virtual Machine Tool Interface. A low-level native API in JPDA stack created by Sun in Java 1.5 and later to replace deprecated JVMDI and JVMPI interfaces. This API is used both for debugging and profiling of Java applications.

LUNI : Java packages in +l+ang, +u+til, +n+et, and +i+o space

M_x_ : Series of Apache Harmony stable milestone builds, not a formal Harmony release. Also used in way of M1 build or M1 release.

SAMSA_' : A module in Harmony jdktools component, which provides unified native wrapper for JDK tools written in Java. This name was borrowed from Kafka's character.

TPTP* : Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform Project. Very useful and powerful Eclipse plug-in which includes Java profiler that can be used with Harmony for performance optimization of both Java applications and internal classlib implementation. This profiler uses JVMTI and Byte Code Instrumentation (BCI) technique for gathering performance data.*

VMI_' : VM interface, the contract between the Class libraries and the Virtual Machine

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