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The goal of this release is to keep enhancing Apache HAWQ features, fixing bugs. Vectorized Execution and Runtime filter will be delivered, will extend Pluggable Storage Framework to access Hive table data. As the output, both source and binary tar balls will be provided for downloading.

Plan Scope

  • New Feature: Pluggable Vectorized Execution Engine on HAWQ.
  • New Feature: Support Runtime Filter for HAWQ local hash join.
  • Bug fixes. 

Release Note

Release Type

Source release and binary release.

Binary tar balls: HAWQ core, PXF.

Source tar ball: All-in-one tar ball including HAWQ core, PXF, and Ranger.


  • July 2018 : branch cut
  • Target to end of Aug 2018 : release

Release Version

Apache HAWQ

Apache HAWQ JIRA Release DashBoard

What's fixed in the release


Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution


  • Collect feedback and requirements from community on the scope of release.
  • Create Apache HAWQ- release management page
  • Create JIRA filter "HAWQ-" and "HAWQ-"
  • Clean up all issues covered in HAWQ- with fixing version
  • Create Apache HAWQ- release dash board
  • Start release process
  • Cut branch
  • Send RC1 to DEV for voting
  • Update websites for new release
  • Announce release


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