HttpComponents Web Site

This area of our Wiki collects information on updating and deploying our web site at hc.apache.org.


The web site is divided into several sections, which are deployed independently:

Updating the Web Site

See below for instructions on setting up the tools. Instructions for updating the sections of the web site are here:

Please note legacy site (Commons HttpClient 3.1) will be updated manually in special cases. No further releases of Commons HttpClient 3.x are planned.


Site generation for the main site and the component sites are based on Maven 2. For historical reasons, the legacy site is generated with Maven 1. The sources for all sites are stored in our Subversion repository.


There is general information about Subversion here at Apache. If you don't check in new files, that should be sufficient.

If you do commit new files to Subversion, make sure that the default properties are set appropriately. These are defined in a file called
~/.subversion/config on Linux and Unix systems. There are suitable instructions in the Commons Wiki.

Additionally, you should have the following line for .apt (Almost Plain Text) files:

*.apt = svn:mime-type=text/plain;svn:eol-style=native;svn:keywords=Date Author Id Revision HeadURL

Maven 2

where should we link for general setup/installation of Maven2?

For developing and contributing patches, a general Maven 2 installation is sufficient.

If you are a committer and have to deploy sections of the web site with Maven 2, you need the following section in your ~/.m2/settings.xml file:


Replace xxxxxx with your login name on people.apache.org. If you haven't set up ssh for DSA authentication, or use a different file for storing your ID, you will have to adapt the section accordingly. Explanations are available here on the Maven site. Note that it is not necessary to set your passphrase or password in settings.xml, you will be queried for it.

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