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mod_auth_sspi is an apache module, developed by Tim Costello, that provides client authentication using NTLM allowing transparent authentication of users.

If you are having problems getting this module to work, please see if any of the following conditions apply to you.

You are getting a Login Dialog Box

  1. Is the URL you are trying to secure the same one that the DNS server used by the client returns?

2. If using firefox, have you added the specific site to the variable network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris using 'about:config'?

You have problems with mod_jk or other modules

  1. Have you checked that the 'Engine' and 'Host' tags point to the correct Server? Have you added an 'Alias' if necessary?

2. Have you tried changing the order of LoadModule before and after mod_jk?

Everything seems to work, but you can not see the remote user on the Web Application

  1. Have you added 'JkEnvVar REMOTE_USER' to the mod_jk configuration?

2. Have you tried calling get Atttribute for the Request (e.g. servletReq.getAttribute("REMOTE_USER") )?

Ajax requests break

  1. Have you tried turning the 'SSPIPerRequestAuth' flag on?


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