Notes provided by Namit Jain.

The following people were present:

  • Facebook (Paul Yang; Ning Zhang; Yongqiang He; Ahmed Aly; John Sichi; Ashish Thusoo; Namit Jain)
  • Netflix (Eva Tse; Jerome Boulon)
  • Cloudera (Arvind Prabhakar; Vinithra Varadharajan; Carl Steinbach)
  • Yahoo (Alan Gates)

The following were the main meeting minutes:

  1. We should have these meetings more often, say every month. Cloudera will host the next meeting.

2. We should try to have a release every 4 months. We should try to push out 0.6 before end of June, For the new release, Cloudera will take a lead on the release management issues and also help with documentation. Documentation for Hive leaves a lot to be desired.

3. The test framework is pretty brittle, and it is pretty difficult for new people to do big contributions without having a very sound test-plan. Ideally, facebook should host a test cluster so that everyone can run tests there.

4. A lot of external customers are asking for ODBC/JDBC support on top of Hive. Cloudera will take the lead on that.

5. The process of making a new committer should be more transparent. In order to grow the community, it would be very desirable to add more committers outside Facebook.

6. Create new components for Drivers (ODBC/JDBC) and UDFs.

7. Yahoo will take the lead of making Hive work on top of Zebra

Some new tasks were identified, but they can change if new priorities come in.

8. Carl will focusing on 'having' support and co-related sub-queries.

9. Arvind will be focusing on the cost-based optimizer

The main idea was that we should meet more often and share our ideas. Time-based release will be very desirable.

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