Given the quickly increasing scope (from a perspective of sheer number of jiras) of hive 0.13, it was important to get hive 0.13 out of the door, and stop accepting patches, and move new development off to 0.14, but we now have need of a 0.13.1 release with major bug fixes only (no feature additions, nothing like refactoring) as a stabilization of 0.13. This page has been created for the purpose of tracking a release of a 0.13.1 release of hive.


Jiras requested after RC0


The list of jiras requested for RC0 of 0.13.1 is now closed. Any further inclusion requests must be a critical bugfix that does not have any workarounds, must have been committed into 0.14 (unless the bug does not affect 0.14) and must be supported by another 2 committers as well for inclusion. Ideally, this table will be blank.


CategoryJIRADescriptionCurrent Status0.13.1 inclusion requestor

0.13.1 inclusion +1 (2 additional committers)



Jiras requested for RC0

 The following jiras have been requested as part of this release. This list is currently (as of May 2nd 2014 6pm PDT) closed for additions. Please do not make any further edits to this table.


CategoryJIRADescriptionCurrent Status0.13.1 inclusion requestor
AuthorizationHIVE-6919Hive sql std auth select query fails on partitioned tablesCommitted in 0.14thejas
AuthorizationHIVE-6921Index creation fails with sql std auth turned onCommitted in 0.14ashutoshc
AuthorizationHIVE-6957SQL authorization does not work with HS2 binary mode and Kerberos authCommitted in 0.14thejas
MetastoreHIVE-6945Issues with dropping partitions on OracleCommitted in 0.14sershe
MetastoreHIVE-6862add DB schema DDL and upgrade 12to13 scripts for MS SQL ServerCommitted in 0.14ekoifman
QLHIVE-6883Dynamic Partitioning Optimization does not honor sort order or order byCommitted in 0.14prasanth_j
QLHIVE-6961Drop partitions treats partition columns as stringsCommitted in 0.14sershe
WebHCatHIVE-4576WebHCat does not allow values with commasCommitted in 0.14ekoifman
FileFormatsHIVE-6952Hive 0.13 HiveOutputFormat breaks backwards compatibilityCommitted in 0.14ashutoshc
TezHIVE-6826Hive-tez has issues when different partitions work off of different input typesCommitted in 0.14hagleitn
TezHIVE-6828Hive-tez bucket map join conversion interferes with map join conversionCommitted in 0.14hagleitn
TezHIVE-6898Functions in hive are failing with java.lang.ClassNotFoundException on TezCommitted in 0.14hagleitn
ParquetHIVE-6783Incompatible schema for maps between parquet-hive and parquet-pigCommitted in 0.14szehon

ExprNodeColDesc isSame doesn't account for tabAlias: this affects trait Propagation in Joins

(Tez BucketJoin broken w/o this fix)

Committed in 0.14rhbutani

TestOrcRawRecordMerger is deleting test.tmp.dir

(Note: Test fix, but included because it makes validation of release difficult otherwise)

Committed in 0.14amareshwari
AuthorizationHIVE-6985sql std auth - privileges grants to public role not being honoredCommitted in 0.14thejas
QLHIVE-7001fs.permissions.umask-mode is getting unset when Session is startedCommitted in 0.14thejas




2nd May 2014, 6pm PDT : List of jiras for inclusion closes for open edit, list of jiras for inclusion frozen.

5th May 2014, 6pm PDT : 0.13.1 RC0 generation process begins, all jiras from above list have been tested to cleanly apply (or have had 0.13 backports requested which then cleanly apply), and patches are ready to commit to 0.13 branch

5th May 2014, 6pm PDT : JIRA queried for open non-blockers for 0.13.1, and none were found. Filter used : project = HIVE AND priority not in (Critical, Major, Minor, Trivial) AND fixVersion = 0.13.1 AND status = Open

5th May 2014, 6pm PDT : dev@hive.apache.org mailed with above information as per HowToRelease instructions. Ptest tests kicked off on RC0 patch.

6th May 2014 : Test failures found, analyzing which patches caused the failures. Patch form over at http://people.apache.org/~khorgath/releases/0.13.1_RC0/

7th May 2014 : Test results analyzed: found the following issues caused:

org.apache.hadoop.hive.cli.TestCliDriver.testCliDriver_nullformatCTASHIVE-6945Table properties map order change, golden files differRegenerated test golden files
org.apache.hadoop.hive.cli.TestCliDriver.testCliDriver_show_create_table_alter ""
org.apache.hadoop.hive.cli.TestCliDriver.testCliDriver_show_tblproperties ""
org.apache.hadoop.hive.cli.TestCliDriver.testCliDriver_unset_table_view_property ""
org.apache.hadoop.hive.cli.TestNegativeCliDriver.testNegativeCliDriver_unset_table_property ""
org.apache.hive.service.cli.TestScratchDir.testLocalScratchDirsHIVE-6846Test error, incorrect expectation, not a product problem, test fixed in trunkIgnored
org.apache.hadoop.hive.cli.TestMinimrCliDriver.testCliDriver_bucketmapjoin6HIVE-6826Flaky test, succeeds on rerunningIgnored


8th May 2014 : Patches committed to 0.13 branch

(tentative) 8th May 2014 : RC0 generation








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