Review board is used for code reviews:

Manual Process

  • Create a patch
  • Upload to review board (hive-git as the repository works best in most cases)
  • Ensure all trailing space or tabs (shows up in bright red) is removed with the exception of .q.out files
  • Post the link on the JIRA


Automated Process with RBTools

You have the option of using RBTools to automate the process of creating a review request. The following instructions make several assumptions:

  • RBTools is already installed on your system. If it is not, please consult the installation instructions.
  • You are using Git. If you are using Subversion you will probably need to edit the .reviewboardrc file or supply additional options to the rbt post command. Please consult the online documentation for more information.

If you have satisfied these assumptions then creating a review request should be as simple as running the following command:

% rbt post
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