Yetus is added to Hive in release 3.0.0 to run checks on the new patches. See HIVE-15051.

There are several rules already defined by the community, but most of them are not enforced.

Yetus helps us by checking these rules for newly introduced errors. Note that Yetus checks only the changed part of the code. If any unchanged code contains errors, then Yetus will not report them, but all of the new code should conform to the rules.

The following Yetus plugins are used in the Hive personality:

  • asflicense  Rat check to validate ASF headers.

  • author  Checks that there is not @author tag in the files.

  • checkstyle  Runs checkstyle.

  • findbugs  Runs findbugs.

  • compile  Shows compile warnings.

  • javadoc  Shows javadoc problems.

  • whitespace  Checks for extra whitespaces.

  • xml  Checks xml validity.


To run findbugs checks, the findbugs binary should be installed on the computer and the FINDBUGS_HOME environment variable should be set. The binary can be downloaded here.

export FINDBUGS_HOME=~/dev/upstream/findbugs-3.0.1/

Running Yetus

First checkout a copy of the branch you are targeting without your commits.

Then run the checks with the following command:

./dev-support/test-patch.sh ~/Downloads/HIVE-16345.2.patch
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