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Apache Ignite is broadly documented both in a form of Java docs and on To make docs consistent and up-to-date follow this approach before closing a JIRA ticket:

  • Update existing Java docs and create new ones if required. A committer who accepts the contribution is responsible for the Java docs review.
  • Feel free to update docs before closing the JIRA ticket and assign it for review to docs maintainers or:
    • Close the original JIRA ticket.
    • Create a new JIRA ticket setting "component" property to "documentation" and link it to the original one. The "Fix Version" should be the same as in the original ticket.
    • Assign the new documentation ticket on Denis Magda ( providing all the details needed to document a functionality properly. Docs for a Next Release

If you are one of docs maintainers, rely on this approach if you need to work on a doc for a functionality to be released in the future:

  • DO NOT create a new version of docs until a new Apache Ignite version gets released officially.
  • If you want to add a new document pertaining to the next release, create it within a document for the current version and keep the page hidden. 
  • If you need to update an existing page then clone it, name as {page-name-new-version}, refine and left hidden as well.
  • The added hidden pages will be released and a new docs version will be created as a part of Apache Ignite release process.

Docs Maintainers


Docs ScopeMaintainers

Global docs maintainers

(assign for final docs review)

Denis Magda (

Prachi Garg (

.NET docs maintainersPavel Tupitsyn (
C++ docs maintainersIgor Sapego (
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