File formats

Parquet page skipping based on page index in Apache Impala

Avoid Materilization of columns in Filtered Rows (Parquet late materialization)

ORC Support Solution

Support ORC Complex Types in Impala


Proposal for new approach to Impala catalog (aka Local catalog)


BufferPool - Spill to disk

SQL extensions

Consistent timestamp types in Hadoop SQL engines

Notes for UNNEST() implementation in Apache Impala

Impala Column Masking and Row Filtering Design

IMPALA-4018: SQL:2016 datetime format support and CAST(..FORMAT..)

Support User-Defined Table Function (UDTF)

Support Bucketed Table And Related Optimizations


Writing Iceberg tables from Impala

Writing Iceberg V2 tables in Impala

Reading V2 Iceberg tables in Impala - Position-based deletes

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