December 2007 Reports (see ReportingSchedule)

These reports are due to the Incubator PMC by 12 December 2007


Apache ActiveMQ is a messaging broker and client.

ADF Faces / Trinidad

Apache Trinidad is a library of JavaServer Faces components, runnable with every JSF-compliant implementation.


Description - Buildr is a build system for Java applications written in Ruby.

Date of Entry - Nov. 2007


The buildr community is transitioning from its older infrastructure to the Apache one. The code has been imported and committers work on the Apache SVN now. The migration of users from buildr-talk at google groups to buildr-user is also happening progressively.


Mostly bug fixes and small improvements. There's also work on JRuby support for which patches are submitted regularly from (for now) external contributors.

Issues before graduation

First we need to fix the IP issues surrounding the Ruby license and our Ruby licensed dependencies before any release can be made. A thread has been started on general@i.a.o and another one is still running on legal-discuss@a.o but we've had few answers so far. We'll probably send a proposition and see if that's acceptable.


OpenEJB is an open source, modular, configurable, and extendable EJB Container System and EJB Server.

Incubating since: 2006-07-10

We received some very excellent feedback we are all really proud of from a new face in the community. OpenEJB has always prided itself for being the kinder, gentler side of open source and it's really good to know this is coming through.

Recent New Contributors: Karan Malhi and Raj Saini contributed their first patches.


log4net is an implementation of the Apache log4j for the .NET Framework.

Incubating since: 2004-01-15


mod_ftp is an FTP protocol module for Apache 2.0 and 2.2.

Incubating since: 2005-08-06


NMaven develops plugins and integration for Maven to make building and using .NET languages a first-class citizen in Maven.

Incubating since: 2006-11-17


Web development framework focusing on pure OO coding, making the creation of new components very easy. Wicket entered the incubator in October 2006.


Woden is a Java class library for reading, validating, manipulating, creating and writing WSDL documents, initially to support WSDL 2.0 and with the longer term aim of supporting past, present and future versions of WSDL.


River is aimed at the development and advancement of the Jini technology core infrastructure. Jini technology is a service oriented architecture that defines a programming model which both exploits and extends Java technology to enable the construction of secure, distributed systems which are adaptive to change.

The crypto issue mentioned in last report seems to be resolved without doing anything special as it seems to be not necessary based on the (limited) feedback in the legal mailing list.

The River community decided to start with a CTR policy although we urge people to consult others before actually committing for all but the trivial cases.

We decided we want to use Hudson as our continuous integration engine, but we have to wait a while for a server becomes available to deploy it on, hopefully somewhere in December/January.

Work on the first release moved steady as a glacier (global warming seems to have no effect here (smile) ) and didn't require much participation of committers due to the set goals. Currently there is no outstanding work for that first release.

We are picking and scheduling fixes and features for the next release and are discussing a branching strategy for SVN before we can finally release the trunk to a stampede of hungry people that will crash into the codebase to make it better.

Incubating since: December 2006

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