Apache DeviceMap is a data repository containing device information, images and other relevant information for all sorts of mobile devices, e.g. smartphones and tablets.

While the focus is initially on that data, APIs will also be created to use and manage it.


Apache DeviceMap allows users to access a wide array of technical specifications, images and other artifacts related to mobile devices. Typical mobile devices include smartphones and tablets, such as:

  • Android devices from multiple vendors
  • Apple’s iPhone and iPad family of devices
  • BlackBerry devices
  • Windows Phone devices from multiple vendors
  • Symbian devices
  • Devices with a small marketshare running Bada, Tizen, WebOS etc.

The list of Apache DeviceMap devices remains open to other device types, as the mobile sector is a highly dynamic marketplace and new device forms may surface which may not too well fit into a smartphone / tablet matrix, e.g. ChromeOS Devices.

Repository Data

The exact structure of the repository data will be defined as the project progresses.

At the moment we envision storing user agent strings and/or regular expressions, properties similar to CSS Media Queries, images of the actual devices, other attributes similar to what’s in UAPROF (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UAProf) for example, per-country market share data, etc.

Modern mobile applications often do not need very detailed device data, so we will concentrate, at least initially, on basic device features as used in html5 websites.

The W3C’s Mobile Web Initiative specs (http://www.w3.org/2005/MWI/DDWG/) will also be evaluated for use in DeviceMap.


The initial motivation for Apache DeviceMap is to provide an open repository of mobile device data, available to the general public according to the Apache License.


We propose an open and community driven repository containing mobile device data, thereby allowing for analysis of device capabilities and feature sets. This is beneficial on several fronts, be it for software developers, stakeholders/decision makers or analysts.

Initial Goals

  • Define what form of data is valuable/required to setup a good working repository
  • Define what image sets are valuable/required
  • Define a data retention policy, meaning when should data be purged
  • Collect existing data and setup simple procedures for users to contribute and validate such data.

Current Status

Proposal has been discussed on the Incubator general list, podling has been accepted by the Incubator PMC vote.


This project will form a new community, driven by the initial committers listed below. We hope and feel that Apache DeviceMap will draw interest and its community will broaden.

Known Risks

For device images and other data, we’ll need to define acceptance criteria and traceability rules similar to what Apache uses for code, to avoid any legal issues.

Gathering data of any sort is a potential sensitive area and may require good public communication or even public relation activities.

Initial Source

The OpenDDR.org team will donate their existing source code to the DeviceMap podling.

Initial Committers

  • Philip Jespersen - philip.jespersen (at) terria (dot) com
  • Bertrand Delacretaz - bdelacretaz (at) apache (dot) org
  • Christian Stocker - chregu (at) liip.ch
  • Scott Wilson - scottbw (at) apache (dot) org
  • Sylvain Wallez - sylvain (at) apache (dot) org
  • Andrew Savory - asavory (at) apache (dot) org
  • Nils Dehl - nils.dehl (at) dkd (dot) de
  • Brian LeRoux - brian (at) apache (dot) org
  • Stefano Andreani - s.andreani (at) opentecheng (dot) com
  • Alessandro Bellucci - a.bellucci (at) opentecheng (dot) com
  • Werner Keil - werner (at) openddr (dot) org
  • Tim Fernando - info (at) timfernando (dot) com

Required Resources

Mailing lists

  • devicemap-dev @ incubator.apache.org
  • devicemap-commits @ incubator.apache.org
  • devicemap-private @ incubator.apache.org

Subversion Directory


Issue Tracking

DMAP project in JIRA.



Bertrand Delacretaz

Nominated Mentors

  • Sylvain Wallez
  • Kevan Miller
  • Bertrand Delacretaz

Sponsoring Entity

Incubator PMC

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