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Formal and informal guidelines for getting the most out of the incubator...and exiting in a timely manner.

Previous advice:

GPG/PGP Key Signing:


(these should be done before code comes into the incubator, but I'm including them for completeness)

  • All code ASL'ed
  • No non ASL or ASL-compatible dependencies in the code base
  • License grant complete
  • CLAs on file
  • Check of project name for trademark issues

Meritocracy / Community

  • Demonstrate an active and diverse development community
  • No single organization supplies more than 50% of the active committers (must be at least 3 independent committers)
  • The above implies that new committers are admitted according to ASF practices
  • ASF style voting has been adopted and is standard practice
  • Demonstrate ability to tolerate and resolve conflict within the community.
  • Release plans are developed and executed in public by the community. ** (requriment on minimum number of such releases?) ** Note: incubator projects are not permitted to issue an official Release. Test snapshots (however good the quality) and Release plans are OK.
  • Engagement by the incubated community with the other ASF communities, particularly infrastructure@ (this reflects my personal bias that projects should pay an infrastructure "tax").
  • Incubator PMC has voted for graduation
  • Destination PMC, or ASF Board for a TLP, has voted for final acceptance

Alignment / Synergy

  • Use of other ASF subprojects
  • Develop synergistic relationship with other ASF subprojects


  • CVS or SVN module has been created
  • Mailing list(s) have been created
  • Mailing list(s) are being archived
  • Bugzilla or JIRA project has been created
  • Project website has been created
  • Project is ready to comply with ASF mirroring guidlines
  • Project is integrated with Gump if appropriate
  • Releases are PGP-signed by a member of the community
  • Developers are tied into the ASF PGP web of trust
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