This page contains monthly reports to the ASF Board of Directors from incubator projects that have to report this month.


The STATUS file for the project is up to date. The code is clean and using only Apache-compliant libraries, it has the correct copyright notices and is in the org.apache.activemq namespace. We've got all the software grants sorted and all developers have their CLAs on file and accounts created. The project's active mailing lists are proof of the vibrant community behind ActiveMQ.

The Apache ActiveMQ 4.0 final has successfully been released. For more information about the release, see: Development has started on the next 4.1 release. In tandem, the 4.0 branch has continued to stablize and a 4.0.1 release should be ready shortly. Bug fix releases should start occurring now with more frequency.

The website home page has now been sorted out and is being checked into svn. The static HTML is being generated from a Confluence wiki and content is very easy to update now. See:

ADF Faces

The STATUS file for the project has been committed. Since the name ADF Faces is only temporary, a vote for a new name was started. The new name Trinidad has been choosen by the community. The Community itself is growing. Users requested enhancements which have been provided. Also some users contributed help and patches. For wiki the Trinidad / ADF Faces project uses the Wiki of its sponsor, the Apache MyFaces project. Some todos have been identified at the wiki, like continuum based nightly build.

There is discussion on integrating the skinning and PPR rendering solutions of Trinidad into Tomahawk.


Cayenne 1.2 Release Candidate was announced on 5/31/2006. The first release from the Incubator (Cayenne 2.0) is planned to immediately follow 1.2-final. It will be exact equivalent of non-Apache release 1.2, with package names changed to org.apache.cayenne, simplifying user migration to the new namespace.

Mike Kienenberger and Andrus Adamchik were added to the Podling PMC.

We started collecting CLA's from emeritus committers. So far CLA's for Holger Hoffstätte and Michael Shengaout are recorded. Most of the remaining ones are confirmed to be in the mail and should be recorded soon.

We are mentoring three projects as a part of Google Summer of Code program.


There was not so much commits on the project due to the current commiters activities. The company Sword Technologies donates new Graffito services (worfklow, news management , mail and scheduler services). Christophe will try to review and commit this code asap.

The Spring support is finished for the OCM Tools. Now the OCM tools will be used in the complete Graffito stack. By this way, the Graffito persistence service can access to JCR repositories.

Graffito is working with Jetspeed 2 head.



The log4net team has recently release 1.2.10. This release includes many minor fixes which dramatically improve the quality of the release. Since the release we have been tracking user feedback to define our priorities for the next release.


After committing log4php PHP5 base code, not much going on this month. No users has sent contributions and the mailing lists have low activity. Hope to get some user contributions in the next month or two...


Lucene.Net continues to progressing. Recently Lucene.Net 1.9 RC1 build 4 Beta was released and it's on its way to become "final" by the end of the month. Folks are beginning to discover Lucene.Net and activities on the project from posting questions and code fixes are beginning to show some signs of life however, things are still slow in terms of participation. Lucene.Net can use some publicity and exposure which I intend to start doing.


Code from both BPE and PXE has been checked into the project's subversion repository with appropriate headers, and the group is prototyping and discussing approaches for integrating the engine with an external runtime (e.g., a "plain old JVM", a J2EE application server, or a JBI container) and for deployment.

PXE developers are also documenting the codebase (and especially the engine core) to get all contributors to the same level of understanding.


In summary, things are progressing well. No major issues at this time.

  • The gathering of iCLAs is mostly completed:
    • total number of our contributors with iCLAs on file: 62
    • there are 15 iCLAs that has been sent but not still filed at Apache; we hope to see them in soon
    • there are 4 contributors whom we have been unable to contact: we have reviewed their contributions (that are fairly small) and we have asked to the Incubator PMC for help with this
  • removed and replaced all the jar files licensed under not-allowed licenses (mostly LGPL)
  • completed the migration to the new issue tracking system: now we are using the Apache's Jira server
  • completed the migration to the new mailing lists
  • asked for a new committer's account for our new committer Jacques Le Roux; we are waiting for it to be created




  • Project resources have been set up with the exception of issue tracking. (we seem to have decided to use Jira instead of Bugzilla)
  • The Code Grant has been received and acknowledged
  • James Snell's ICLA has been received and acknowledged
  • Rob Yates ICLA was faxed in on Friday, June 16th but has not yet been acknowledged
  • The initial code drop has been checked in to SVN
    • All copyright notices have been updated
    • Notice and License are included
    • Ant and Maven build scripts are included
    • We've decided on a repository layout
  • The initial drop of the project site has been checked in and includes an FAQ, Getting Started Guide, Developer's Guide and Javadocs.
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