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This page contains monthly reports to the ASF Board of Directors from incubator projects that have to report this month. You can also see the overall quarter report for 1st Quarter 2006.


The ActiveMQ project is progressing toward graduation and things are moving along well. Below are the highlights of activity on the project:

  • Website status
  • Added Nathan Mittler from Amazon as a committer
  • Working on the ActiveMQ 4.0 RC2 release candidate
  • Currently working to accept a donation from Amazon for the ActiveMQ C++ API

ADF Faces


Cayenne just entered the incubator. The status page has been initialized.


Jackrabbit accomplished its first official incubating release with version 0.9 of the Apache Jackrabbit reference implementation and JCR-RMI tools. Day Software has confirmed that the version 0.9 jars have passed the JCR 1.0 TCK with the current exclude list.

We are now getting reorganized for graduation from the Incubator to our own top-level project at the Apache Software Foundation. The Jackrabbit committers voted on March 11, 2006, to request graduation. In addition, we made a call to refresh the list of active committers for an accurate presentation to the board; Stefano Mazzocchi, Gianugo Rabellino, Tim Reilly, and Andrew Savory have requested emeritus status, meaning that they won't be listed on the initial project management committee but are welcome to come back if they choose to rejoin the project at a later time.


We have created the mailing lists and source repository but are still waiting for initial committer accounts to be created. The contributed source code has been changed to the Apache license and source packages renamed appropriately. As soon as a majority of the initial committers have write access to the repository, the source will be moved to the Apache servers.





The OFBiz project has commenced incubation in a slow-but-steady way, as can be seen here:


Most of the infrastructure is set up and waiting to be transitioned, but the concensus seems to be to take things slowly. There are a fair number of people using the infrastructure, and making a mess of it for very long would create problems for users.

All of the original committers bar Si Chen (who has sent his CLA in, and is waiting for it to be processed) have got their accounts.

Work is ongoing to eliminate any LGPL code, although it appears there are some technical obstacles:


(I'm not much of a Java guy, so anyone willing to help out there is welcome to have at it!)

In terms of collecting CLA's, there is a lot of work to be done, but the OFBiz guys are chipping away at it:


For those interested in technical developments, Si Chen does a weekly roundup of interesting changes here:



The ServiceMix project is progressing along. Below are the recent project highlights:

  • Currently preparing the ServiceMix 3.0 M1 milestone release


WebWork 2


The WADI podling has decided to retire and not complete incubation. This decision was made by the participants, supported by the sponsoring Geronimo PMC, and announced to the Incubator PMC. The project will continue at http://wadi.codehaus.org/


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