March 2008 Board reports (see ReportingSchedule).

These reports are due to the Incubator PMC by 12 March 2008



IPMC reviews: jukka (mentor)

Apache PDFBox is an open source Java PDF library for working with PDF documents. PDFBox entered incubation on February 7th, 2008.

The basic project infrastructure (lists, svn, jira, etc.) is already in place, and we are currently working on migrating the source code and existing issues from SourceForge. We have also requested a user mailing list to replace the current help forums on SourceForge.

PDFBox uses the Bouncy Castle crypto libraries for handling encrypted PDF files. We will take care of export control issues as we proceed with importing the PDFBox sources to Apache.


IPMC reviews: jukka

RAT is audit and code comprehension for releases and source.

Been very quiet this month. Infrastructure is now mostly setup. Import of RAT main has been completed but the source still need tidying up.

Incubating since: October 2007


IPMC reviews: jukka (mentor)

River is aimed at the development and advancement of the Jini technology core infrastructure. Jini technology is a service oriented architecture that defines a programming model which both exploits and extends Java technology to enable the construction of secure, distributed systems which are adaptive to change.

Positive news is that work on the first release has completed and was approved for release by Incubator, we decided on a branching policy and work on the next release has been scheduled and has started.

As a concern though overall participation by the initial set of committers is low, the same applies to people outside the group of committers.

Incubating since: December 2006


IPMC reviews: jukka

Shindig is a reference implementation of the OpenSocial and gadgets stack. (Note this report covers since inception, as we've not yet submitted any other reports, and will submit for the next 3 months to compensate)

Incubating since: 2007-12-06

High-level status summary: Shindig making rapid progress since inception in December 2007.

  • Accepted a couple rounds of "bootstrapping" Java and JS code contributions from Google (with appropriate IP licensing)
  • Large patch written by a community member for PHP port committed
  • Healthy community growing, though committers still Google-heavy
  • JIRA queue moving in full force
  • Initial website created:
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