OpenEJB: Pluggable, embeddable, and extendable EJB Container System and EJB Server.

A proposal for a EJB provider as a sub project of Geronimo.


The Geronimo project is currently using OpenEJB as its EJB provider. OpenEJB also has a strong history of providing EJB support for Apache Tomcat users. The third major focus of OpenEJB is for use in testing as part of a regular Maven or Ant project. OpenEJB would like to move closer to the Apache projects, users, and communities which depend on it (Geronimo) and to whom it provides functionality (Tomcat, Maven, Ant). Geronimo is the logical choice as it is the most dependent upon OpenEJB. Additionally, OpenEJB is also excited to strengthen its ties with the Apache projects who have users dependent on OpenEJB as an embeddible EJB container, notably Tomcat and Maven.


The initial source comes from the OpenEJB project and can be found here:


  • New SVN module inside Geronimo SVN repo (openejb)
  • Mailing Lists (openejb-dev, openejb-user)
  • Official Build Systems



The OpenEJB community is a healthy meritocracy with plenty of developers.


The OpenEJB community is very strong and much of its list traffic is split between the OpenEJB user and Geronimo dev mailing lists.

Core Developers:

The core developers range from people who have been on the project for a very long time and people who are still new to the community. Contributions come steadily from all areas of the community. Many of the committers of OpenEJB have already earned their way as Apache Committers and many Apache Committers have earned their way as OpenEJB committers. Corporate contributions have come and gone several times throughout the years of OpenEJB's existence and are viewed positively, but not a critical part of it's existence.


OpenEJB is already an integral part of Geronimo and valuable resource to users of other Apache projects.


OpenEJB is under two variations of the Apache 1.0 license.


Orphaned products:

OpenEJB is a critical part of Geronimo and under heavy active development.

Inexperience with open source:

OpenEJB is a old project in java open source years. Most of the committers have a proven track record in open source at Apache and Codehaus.

Homogenous developers:

There are developers from various companies: Chariot,, HP, IBM, LogicBlaze, Mergere, Simula Labs, ThoughtWorks, Virtuas.

No ties to other Apache products:

OpenEJB is already part of Geronimo and intends to be a sub-project of Geronimo.

A fascination with the Apache brand:

We are moving to Apache to grow closer ties with Geronimo and other Apache projects.


Current Apache Committers

  • Aaron Mulder
  • Alan D. Cabrera
  • Brett Porter
  • Dain Sundstrom
  • Daniel Diephouse
  • David Blevins
  • David Jencks
  • Giany Damour
  • Hiram Chirino
  • Jacek Laskowski
  • Jason van Zyl
  • Jeff Genender
  • Jeremy Boynes
  • Matt Hogstrom

Non-Apache Committers

  • Daniel Haischt
  • Jeremy Whitlock
  • John Tolentino
  • Lajos Moczar
  • Paulo Lopez
  • Tim Urberg


  • Geronimo


  • Brett Porter
  • James Strachan
  • Jason van Zyl
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