September 2009 Board reports (see ReportingSchedule).

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These reports are due here by Wednesday, 9 September 2009 so that the Incubator PMC can relay them to the board.

Your project might need to report even if it is not listed below, please check your own reporting schedule or exceptions.

Please remember to include:

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  • The "incubating since" info
  • The project's top 2 or 3 things to resolve prior to graduation
  • A short description of what your project's software does


BlueSky has been incubating since 01-12-2008. It is an e-learning solution designed to help solve the disparity in availability of qualified education between well-developed cities and poorer regions of China.

Things are getting better in the last month. First, some critical legal issues which bothers us long time like FFmpeg are solved. Also, we deleted 1394dv support for legal problem, but we believe that would not affect the functionalities. Currently, the only legal issue is ARTS/OSS, and we've already replaced ARTS with SDL, however, it needs sometime to make the whole system run successfully. And we would use ALSA compiled in LGPL way to replace OSS. There are some other good news too. More developers are joining the mailing list and a core team, i believe, is gradually establishing in XJTU. We now aims to the first release and next step we will try to attract more developers on bulletin board system at XJTU to contribute to the future version of RealClass. Plus, MERSMP team, which is incharge of the developing of MERSMP system, now join the dev-mailing list. Together with MERSMP team, we believe that we could make much more achievement in the future. And we still need the committer account so that we commit recent changes of website、code etc. Hope the accounts could be proved soon. the inactive committer account:
1.okid a.k.a Dong Yang

2.stellagjj a.k.a JingJing Gao

3.zhangfan a.k.a Fan Zhang and the new committers would be:
1.mabowen a.k.a Samuel Kevin

2.chenping a.k.a Arthur Chen

top 2 or 3 to resolve prior to first release:

  • Replace ARTS with SDL and make the system work;
  • Complete the infomation about BlueSky on wiki and official website;
  • As to MERSMP team, they need sometime to get used to the Apache way;

Signed off by:


Cassandra is a distributed storage system providing reliability at a massive scale. Started incubation: 01/2009. Opened to community in 03/2009.

Past action items:

  • Vote on committers Eric Evans and Jun Rao. Done. (And accepted.)
  • Get 0.3.0 release out. Done.

Other notable milestones:

  • Digg is running a Cassandra cluster of almost 10 TB now.

Next steps:

  • Get 0.4.0 release out. (Beta1 was released a couple weeks ago; RC1 is being voted on now.)

Signed off by:


Click is a stateless page and component oriented Java web framework.

Click has been incubating since July 2008.

Tasks completed since June:

  • New Committer: Adrian Antal
  • Released Click 2.1.0-RC1, our second Apache release
  • Released Click 1.5.3, a non-Apache maintenance release hosted at SourceForge

Top priorities:

  • Release Apache Click 2.1.0

Signed off by:


Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment (ESME) is a secure and highly scalable microsharing and micromessaging platform that allows people to discover and meet one another and get controlled access to other sources of information, all in a business process context.

ESME entered the incubator in 2008-12-02.

The following items have been performed since the last reporting period

  • Creation of Apache Wiki as Podling's main web site - replacing old forrest site. This is an ongoing task but is off to a good start.
  • Dick Hirsch was accepted as an Apache committer.
  • Implementation of access pools in main branch
  • Creation of branch to deal with access pools prototype
  • Started work on new UI
  • Patch committed from new developer

The following items are planned for the next reporting period:

  • Conitinue work on wiki and move more content from mailing list to the wiki
  • Work on new UI

Top 2 or 3 things to resolve prior to graduation

  • Move all collaboration to the esme-dev mailing list
  • Increase community involvement in the project
  • First Apache release

Signed off by: bdelacretaz, gianugo


Signed off by: niclas, dashorst

Etch was accepted into Incubator on 2 September 2008. We had our first birthday!

Etch is a cross-platform, language- and transport-independent framework for building and consuming network services. The Etch toolset includes a network service description language, a compiler, and binding libraries for a variety of programming languages.


Most all of the Cisco-based Etch team found themselves unemployed by Cisco this quarter. So this quarter has been marked with little technical progress as the team members find new homes for themselves. Despite the disruption, Youngjin has begun to pickup on the C-binding work started by James DeCocq.

Release 1.1 is ready but needs some administrative polish before it is *done*.

Release 1.2 is next in the pipeline.

Our problem with finding a home for our continuous build continues. Various plans have been proposed and failed due to lack of a Windows-friendly c# build environment. We need to find a place do public builds.

Outstanding items:

  • More community.. we have been Cisco-centered with just a few nibbles outside of Cisco. Things are definitely changing with members employed or so to be employed in different places. Building a stronger community over the next several months is our key task.


Hama has been incubating since 19 May, 2008. It is a parallel matrix computational package based on Hadoop Map/Reduce.

Recent developments:

  • We implemented EigenValue Decomposition, based on Map/Reduce computing model
  • We start considering about another computing model based Bulk Synchronous Parallel on Hadoop
  • We start preparing a paper of this project

Required before graduation:

  • More practical examples of matrix manipulation
  • Increase community size and activity
  • First Apache release

Signed off by: brett


Kato was accepted into the Incubator on 6 November 2008.

Kato is a project to develop the Specification, Reference Implementation, and TCK for JSR 326: the JVM Post-mortem Diagnostics API

Recent Activity:

  • A JVMTI agent has been contributed by Paul Sobek along with an implementation of the API.
  • The JSR specification document has been written and is building.
  • The JSR specification has been submitted to the JCP as an EDR.
  • The project is being built on the ASF's hudson server.

The following is planned for next reporting period:

  • Our first release of the RI, demos and TCK.

Before this project can be graduated we need to produce a usable implementation of the API and more useful tools to encourage adoption and participation of a much needed community.

Signed off by: rdonkin


Log4PHP is a logging framework similar to Log4J, but in PHP. The project entered incubation in 2004, retired and restarted again on 2007-07-04. Since the last report there has been much activity. Slightly more activity from community could be reckognized. Several patches from contributors came in.


  • Website has been updated. We plan to do this on a regular basis now via Buildbot
  • Blog has been activated (
  • Christian Grobmeier has been elected as new PPMC-Member


Next steps:

  • Stabilizing/Cleaning up code for the first release
  • Try to attract more developers for Log4PHP
  • Looking at getting an incubating release done.

Issues before graduation:

  • Still less community interaction

Signed off by: niclas


OpenWebBeans is an ASL-licensed implementation of the JSR-299:
Contexts and Dependency Injection for the Java EE platform which is defined as JSR-299.

OpenWebBeans entered the incubator in October 26, 2008. The following items have been made after the last report

  • We cut a M3 release (under vote)
  • We implemented a new spec. features, (Portable Extensions, and changed APIs)
  • We created a JSR-330 API and integrated with it
  • We integrated with embeddable OpenEJB in Tomcat to support EJB Beans
  • We implemented 2 new samples related with EJB Beans and JMS Injections
  • We started a progress to integrate OWB with Apache Geronimo

Belows are the next steps;

  • We will release the M4 version.
  • We will integrate with the Apache Geronimo
  • We will create more documentations in the wiki
  • We will continue to attract new committers into the project.
  • We will strive to create more community and increase the use of user@list

Signed off by: Kevan Miller


RAT has been reasonably quiet though the summer of code project has been very active over at Google. Initial enthusiasm for developing crawling capabilities was stalled by the lack of quick progress towards a release by Driods.

Progress on graduation is still stalled by the lack of a suitable TLP to home the project. RAT illustrates well the inability of the incubator system to work for existing small but open projects without a nominating TLP. If Apache wants to accept more projects of this nature, some process rethinking is needed.

Signed off by:


River is aimed at the development and advancement of the Jini technology core infrastructure. Jini technology is a service oriented architecture that defines a programming model which both exploits and extends Java technology to enable the construction of secure, distributed systems which are adaptive to change. River has been incubating since December 2006.

Recent efforts included replacing make build scripts with ant and integrating the qa test suite with the main build. The jtreg test suite has some remaining issues to solve, namely setup and configure a Kerberos KDC test server, a zone has been set up for this purpose at , in a addition a proxy server is also required to replace the functionality of the sun jiniproxy server. Most jtreg tests are passing, it would be desirable to have all pass prior to releasing AR2.

Minor modifications need to be made to the ant build scripts to build the ClassDep.jar manifest correctly to include required libraries following recent ClassDep reimplementation changes to eliminate dependency upon internal implementation of Sun's JDK. Once resolved we are clear to release AR2.

There has been some some recent interest in implementing compression and caching of bytecode. Other interests include class versioning and codebase services.

After AR2, focus will be on support for Java 5 features, such as annotations and reducing the barriers to entry for new contributor developers.

Required before graduation:

  • AR2 Release
  • Change com.sun.jini.* namespace to org.apache.river.*
  • Reduce barriers to entry for new developers.
  • Increased committer participation.

Signed off by:


Shindig is a reference implementation of the OpenSocial and gadgets stack. The active community has built two parallel implementations of the OpenSocial and gadgets spec; one in Java and one in PHP.

Incubating since: 2007-12-06

High-level status summary during last quarter:

  • stable release compliant to OpenSocial v0.9 currently being reviewed by PMC
  • updates for OpenSocial v0.9 are implemented and in production on several sites that support OpenSocial
  • two new committers joined the community. The committer base on the Java side is relatively varied. However, until now we have had a single committer working on the PHP implementation. This changed with the addition of two new committers focussing on PHP. The lack of committer count (and thus diversity) on PHP was a graduation issue. The addition of these two committers certainly moves the project in the right direction regarding graduation.

Requirements for graduation:

  • Discussion about graduation is ongoing. The most pressing need that was identified was to diversify our committer base for PHP. In many other ways, the project and community are in very good shape.

Signed off by: Upayavira,


Signed off by:

Traffic Server

This last month, the team has worked hard on code cleanup, preparing the code for submission into the Incubator SVN server. We still have some cleanup to do, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Traffic Server is having a Meetup at ApacheCon, Tuesday night, where we will present our progress, as well as give an overview of the code architecture, and typical use case scenarios for TS. Our goal is of course to be done with the code cleanup, and SVN migration, well before ApacheCon.

Signed off by: cutting


The VXQuery Project implements a standard compliant XML Query processor. It has been in incubation since 2009-07-06.

August activities:

  • some code additions
  • some progress on CCLAs (still not done)

Completed setup steps:

  • JIRA/Wiki set up
  • SVN access for initial committers set up
  • Initial codebase submitted to SVN
  • Mailing lists set up
  • All ICLAs and most CCLAs in place
  • Incubator status page set up

Immediate goals:

  • Get all CCLAs in place
  • Fix mailing list issues
  • Setup project home page

Top 3 issues before graduation:

  • Complete podling setup
  • Build community
  • Create a release

Signed off by:
Paul Fremantle


Signed off by: Davanum Srinivas, Kevan Miller

Apache Wink is a project that enables development and consumption of REST style web services. The core server runtime is based on the JAX-RS (JSR 311) standard. The project also introduces a client runtime which can leverage certain components of the server-side runtime. Apache Wink will deliver component technology that can be easily integrated into a variety of environments.

Apache Wink has been incubating since 2009-05-27.

Notable Activity:

  • After issues with packaging and licensing were resolved, Wink made its first release! Thanks to IPMC and others who reviewed the release artifacts.
  • Spread the word of the release via various channels.
  • RSS support was added into Apache Wink.

Planned Activity:

  • Bug fixes and feature improvements after first release.
  • More updates to documentation on cwiki

Top issues before graduation:

  • Looking into how to interact with other communities
  • Build community


Apache Wookie(Incubating) is a project to create open source software for adding widgets to your applications. It has been in incubation since July 2009.

  • No issues currently require IPMC or Board attention
  • We are still waiting for ICLAs and CCLAs in order to import incubator code to ASF repository
    • Account created: Kris Popat (krispopat)
    • Account created: Scott Wilson (scottbw)
    • Stef Heyenrath iCLA submitted
  • Wookie Metup proposal sent to ConCom
  • OpenSocial SocialSite/Wookie meetup at ApacheCon being organized
  • Incubation status file requires updating -
  • JIRA Activity is increasing and patches are starting to arrive
  • During the next month we hope to:
    • file all CLAs
    • move code into ASF

Items to be resolved before graduation:

  • Complete podling setup
  • Create a release
  • Develop community

Signed off by: lresende

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