This page is meant to list the steps needed to submit a change to Subversion and is meant to help JMeter committers.


  • Look in Bugzilla if there are any open bugs or enhancements that are related to the changes you are planning on doing.
  • Discuss new functionality on JMeter Development mailing list if necessary

Making changes

  • Make the necessary code or documentation changes
  • Add or update unit tests
  • Perhaps update batchtest

Documenting changes

  • the xdocs/changes.xml file should be updated (except for trivial updates, e.g. correcting spelling in documentation)

Ant targets to run before committing

  • ant checkstyle
  • ant package
  • ant test
  • ant test-headless or ant test-headed (whichever was not run by the ant test)

Files to commit

  • Changes to files in the docs directory need not be committed immediately. These files are built from xdocs.
    • When release candidates are being made from the Subversion branch the files in the docs directory must be committed. They can be committed earlier, but it saves on commits if they are batched up and done less frequently.

Committing to Subversion

  • Add a sensible description of your changes when committing to Subversion (what is obvious now, may not be obvious in several months/years time)
    • If you have fixed a Bugzilla entry, then include the Bugzilla number in the comment.
    • SVN log entries can be changed later if you find the original message was not clear enough.

Updating Bugzilla entry

  • If you have fixed a Bugzilla entry, then set the status to fixed, and include the Subversion change number in the Bugzilla comment.
    • If the fix is not complete, set the status to NeedInfo and ask the bug originator to confirm that the fix has been successful.
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