Building JMeter

Like other Jakarta projects, Jmeter uses ANT to compile and build the distribution. Jmeter has several tasks defined, which make it easier for developers. For those unfamiliar with ANT, it's a build tool similar to make on Unix. A list of the ANT tasks with a short description is provided below. Obviously, you must have Ant correctly installed first.

  • install – very useful target that compiles all of jmeter and places all jars and artifacts necessary to run jmeter from the /bin directory's startup scripts
  • all – builds all components and protocols
  • compile – compiles all the directories and components
  • compile-core – compiles the core directory and all dependencies
  • compile-components – compiles the components directory and all dependencies
  • compile-ftp – compiles the samples in ftp directory and all dependencies
  • compile-functions – compiles the functions and all dependencies
  • compile-htmlparser – compiles htmlparser and all dependencies
  • compile-http – compiles the samplers in http directory and all dependencies
  • compile-java – compiles the samplers in java directory and all dependencies
  • compile-jdbc – compiles the samplers in jdbc directory and all dependencies
  • compile-jorphan – compiles the jorphan utility classes
  • compile-ldap – compiles the samplers in ldap directory and all dependencies
  • compile-monitor – compiles the sampler in monitor directory and all dependencies
  • compile-rmi – compiles the samplers in rmi directory and all dependencies
  • compile-tests – compiles the tests and all dependencies
  • docs-api – creates the javadocs
  • docs-all – generates all docs.
  • package – compiles everything and creates jar files of the compiled protocols
  • package-only – creates jar files of the compiled components
  • run_gui – starts the JMeter GUI from the jar files made by the package target

Here are some example commands.



ant compile-http

Compiles just http components

ant package

Creates the jar files

ant docs-all

Generates the html documentation and javadocs

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