Reporting faults

Please make sure you have read the manual. Some faults may be due to incorrect usage. If you are sure you have found a bug, please check first whether anyone else has reported it in Bugzilla. If not, it may be worth posting a question on the user list - someone else may have had a similar problem.

But please don't post entire log files or large test plans.

Information to provide

As a minimum, please provide JMeter, Java and OS version information. Also describe the steps needed to create the problem.

Does it happen all the time? Does it happen in non-GUI and client-server mode as well as GUI mode?

Creating testcases

Make sure that any test case can be run using publicly available resources. The Java Sampler is useful for this, as it does not need a server. Of course it is not much use for reporting problems with other samplers. But it is fine for testing just about any other aspect of JMeter.

Uploading files

Bugzilla allows files to be uploaded, but you must create an issue first. It is helpful to include:

  • Description of how to reproduce the bug
  • jmeter.log file
  • file if you have made any changes to it
  • test script(s)

Please ensure that you obfuscate any sensitive information before uploading any files

Useful reading

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