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Note: I am not sure how best to structure this yet - feel free to totally reorganise this page if you feel you can do better. – ScottEade


  • To provide a scratch pad for current bugs and enhancement ideas (bugs should go to bugzilla, but there is no reason why they can't go here and be discussed a little before then). - I don't agree here, for short term things, the bug database allows discussion and email is fine. I think wiki is useful for conveniently "remembering" longer term discussions (Mike Stover - 2003-01-07)
  • To provide a forum for determining which enhancements are to target which releases (i.e. formulation of a longer term development plan).
  • A place to discuss long term goals and plans and preserve the discussion and the decisions. (Mike Stover - 2003-01-07)
  • A place to community-build difficult documentation.


Proposed for development

Developer Progress Pages

Changes made to code since 1.9.1

Thought it would be useful to start summarising changes to CVS since 1.9.1. Feel free to update/refactor ...sebb

Functional Changes

  • Basic IfController added (needs testing and documenting)
  • __property() function now allows default value to be specified
    • +P() function added to simplify property access. +P(prop,default) == +property(prop,,default). And +P(prop) == __P(prop,1).
  • Help page can now be pushed to background
  • Response Assertion now works for URLs, and it handles null data better
  • Redirects can now be delegated to URLConnection by defining the JMeter property HTTPSamper.delegateRedirects=true (default is false)
  • Stop Thread and Stop Test methods added for Samplers and Assertions etc. Samplers can call setStopThread(true) or setStopTest(true) if they detect an error that needs to stop the thread of the test after the sample has been processed
  • Thread Group Gui now has an extra pane to specify what happens after a Sampler error: Continue (as now), Stop Thread or Stop Test. This needs to be extended to a lower level at some stage.
  • Added Shutdown to Run Menu. This is the same as Stop except that it lets the Threads finish normally (i.e. after the next sample has been completed)
  • Remote samples can be cached until the end of a test by defining the property hold_samples=true when running the server.More work is needed to be able to control this from the GUI
  • StringFromFile() funtion can now use a variable or function for the file name
  • BeanShell Sampler (BETA) added. This is optional. To use it, the BeanShell jar needs to be downloaded from
  • Optionally start BeanShell server (allows remote access to JMeter variables and methods)
  • Response Assertion can now match on Response Code and Response message as well
  • Proxy server has option to skip recording browser headers
  • Proxy restart works better (stop waits for daemon to finish)
  • Scheduler ignores start if it has already passed
  • Scheduler now has delay function
  • StringFromFile can now process a sequence of files, e.g. dir/file01.txt, dir/file02.txt etc
  • added Summariser test element (mainly for non-GUI) testing. This prints summary statistics to System.out and/or the log file every so oftem (3 minutes by default). Multiple summarisers can be used; samples are accumulated by summariser name.
  • TCP Sampler (Alpha Code)
  • Extra Proxy Server options:
    • Create all samplers with keep-alive disabled
    • Add Separator markers between sets of samples
    • Add Response Assertion to first sampler in each set
  • Test Plan comment option

Other Changes

  • component_reference tidied up to make display tidier
  • Minor text updates
  • Forever box moved back to start of line
  • logging converted to use getLoggerForClass()
  • JavaTest sampler handles interrupts better
  • Unused code items removed/commented out
  • Version string moved to separate file, and build.xml can skip updating it
  • Function Help now moved to a separate file
  • HTML documentation now references the Jakarta logo using a relative URL, so local copies of documents (and the Help pages) no longer try to fetch the logo from the Apache Web Site
  • images and demos moved back to xdocs; build.xml new targets for creating tars
  • Gump builds to export jars
  • handle RE errors better
  • only open jmeter.log once
  • re-aligned files
  • fixed bug in TestCompiler which could cause Thread startup to spin or stall
  • fixed bug in CSVRead (24076)
  • fixed some broken links in the documentation
  • ProxyServer now forwards all browser headers to the server, regardless of whether the headers are being collected for the test plan or not.

Uncommitted changes

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