There is a proposal for JMeter to require at least Java 1.4.

This has now been agreed; JMeter now requires at least Java 1.4

This gives the opportunity to make some changes and improvements.

JDBC Pooling

  • might be worth replacing all the Excalibur stuff with standard Java pooling.
  • or perhaps Commons DBCP

Regular Expressions

ORO works well - is there any point moving to java regular expressions?

Java REs allow look-behind matching; however there are some concerns about the way it treats line-endings. It appears that the line-endings can vary between Host OSes; this is not really suitable for JMeter.

Miscellaneous features

Remove work-rounds for the following:

  • Boolean.toString (now done)
  • Boolean.valueOf(boolean) (now done)
  • String.replaceAll, String.split, String.replace mostly done
  • URLDecoder / URLEncoder (now done)

Allow the use of the following:

  • Runtime.getRuntime().maxMemory(); (Memory Benchmark class) (now done)

Additional Exceptions

  • HTTPSampler and TCPClient could make use of more that just IOException

Chained Exceptions

  • could remove/simplify JMeter and HTMLParse error/exception classes
  • use getCause() to improve logging information

Probably not worth using

  • LINE_END instead of EAST etc. This only makes sense if JMeter is updated to support BIDI.
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