I am Avinash Mangipudi. I am learning JMeter at the moment. I am currently working for Larsen and Toubro Infotech at Bengaluru, India. There are a lot of load generation tools out there in the wild. Ability to generate as much load as needed and ability to modify the tool are 2 powerful concepts, and JMeter provides both, for free.

Hats off to you JMeter.

Parametrisation http://jmeterworld.wordpress.com/2008/12/16/simple-parameterization-in-jmeter/

Correlation http://90kts.com/blog/2008/jmeter-tips-and-tricks-correlating-with-regular-expressions/

Used the below JavaRequest approach to test webmethods integration server services.


There' s a book out there and it seems to be available in India.


in non gui mode,using a proxy, run a test and log results.

jmeter -n -t test1.jmx -l logtest1.jtl -H -P 8000

Video Tutorials by Jörg Erdmenger http://vimeo.com/4025715 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KI6u5pclYIw

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