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  • KIP 157 - Add consumer config options to streams reset tool
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Current state: Discussion

Discussion thread: here 

JIRA: here 

Please keep the discussion on the mailing list rather than commenting on the wiki (wiki discussions get unwieldy fast).


The StreamsResetter doesn't let the user pass in any configurations to the embedded consumer. This is a problem in secure environments because you can't configure the embedded consumer to talk to the cluster. The streams reset tool should allow an approach to pass consumer configurations. There are 2 options.

Public Interfaces

To add 2 options to StreamsReset tool.

Proposed Changes

To add 2 options to streams reset tool.

  1. consumer.config - To pass consumer configuration properties file.
  2. consumer-property - To pass consumer property as a key=value pair

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

    • This is purely an addition of an option to It will not cause any compatibility issues.

Rejected Alternatives

No rejected alternatives. As without the config options, streams reset tool will not work in Secure Kafka cluster

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