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One of MM2 main features is syncing consumer group offset between clusters. This feature relays on two separate connectors

  1. MirrorSourceConnector : this connector stores the translation of the new recored's offset on target cluster in offset_syncs  internal topic after mirroring the record itself. This translation is done at commit  method since 3.5 where commit()  API stores the offsets in the source system, up to the offsets that have been returned by poll() . The implementation of this API should block until the commit is complete. See [KAFKA-14610]( for more details.
  2. MirrorCheckpointConnector : this connector uses the new record offsets from offset_syncs  and update checkpoints  and __consumer_offsets  topics. This can be controlled by emit.checkpoints.enabled  and 

For use-cases where customers only run MM2 for replicating between clusters without need for moving the consumer group offsets by running only MirrorSourceConnector. They still left with part#1 of this feature which add cost to the progress of their replication. The only workaround reducing the latency cost is by increasing offset.lag.max  to INT_MAX  however this doesn't eliminate the cost of creating internal topic. 

This KIP propose that we add a new config for MirrorSourceConnector  to control enabling the offsets translation between clusters for replicated topics.

Public Interfaces

emit.offset-syncs.enabled true

Whether to store the new offset of the replicated records in offset-syncs topic or not. MirrorCheckpointConnector will fail to start if emit.checkpoints.enabled and/or are enabled while emit.offset-syncs.enabled  are disabled.

Proposed Changes

  • Similar to emit.checkpoints.enabled  and emit.heartbeat.enabled  this KIP will add emit.offset-syncs.enabled. The config default value will be true to keep the current implementation.
  • offset-syncs topic will not be created if emit.offset-syncs.enabled set to false 

  • logic to publish offset syncs in commit() will not be executed if emit.offset-syncs.enabled set to false 

  • MirrorCheckpointConnector validation will fail at start if emit.offset-syncs.enabled disabled while emit.checkpoints.enabled and/or are enabled. 

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

emit.offset-syncs.enabled is set to true by default so any existing customer or customers who run this feature will do nothing. Only customers who wish to fully disable this feature will need to set emit.offset-syncs.enabled to false.

Rejected Alternatives

  • Reuse emit.checkpoints.enabled  and and assume that if both are disabled then this feature needs to be fully disabled. I didn't want to relay on MirrorCheckpointConnector configs to configure MirrorSourceConnector. And this might impact customers who enabled MirrorSourceConnector with intention to run MirrorCheckpointConnector later in the future 
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