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Current stateAdopted

Release: 2.0.0

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With the current version of the ConsoleConsumer, ConsumerPerformance and ConsumerGroupCommand command line tools, it's not needed to specify the --new-consumer option anymore in order to use the new consumer. The choice for using the old or the new one is made just specifying the --zookeeper for the former and --bootstrap-server for the latter.

Public Interfaces

The ConsoleConsumer, ConsumerPerformance and ConsumerGroupCommand command line tool will stop to accept the --new-consumer option, considering it as a totally wrong option not supported by the tool.

Proposed Changes

During the arguments parsing, the tools won't define the "newConsumerOpt" as an allowed option for the parser.

At same time, if it's specified to use the old consumer (with --zookeeper option on the command line), there will be no check that the new-consumer option is an invalid argument with the old consumer.

Finally, removing the --new-consumer option in all the unit tests which use it.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

The first step should be the deprecation of the --new-consumer option in the next release. The following JIRAs KAFKA-5599 and KAFKA-5619 and is already opened for addressing that. The command line tools will set the option as deprecated and print a warning messages in case the user uses it.

This option will be removed in the 2.0.0 release.

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