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  • KIP-284: Set default retention ms for Streams repartition topics to Long.MAX_VALUE
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Current state: Accepted 

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Release : planned for 1.2


After KIP-220 / KIP-204, repartition topics in Streams are transient, so it is better to set its default retention to infinity to allow any records be pushed to it with old timestamps (think: bootstrapping, re-processing) and just rely on the purging API to keeping its storage small.

Public Interfaces

The users may take in consideration that there is no limited duration of the retention, so it is up to them to manage the purging of the storage.

Proposed Changes

In RepartitionTopicConfig we have a few default overrides for repartition topic configs, we should just add the override for TopicConfig.RETENTION_MS_CONFIG to set it to Long.MAX_VALUE. This still allows users to override themselves if they want via StreamsConfig.TOPIC_PREFIX.

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