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  • KIP-309: Add toUpperCase support to rule
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Current state"Under Discussion"

Discussion thread: here 

JIRA: here

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KIP-203 implemented support to convert Kerberos principal name to lower case Linux user name via auth_to_local rules.
As a follow-up, KafkaShortnamer can be further extended to allow converting principal names to uppercase by appending /U to the rule.

One use-case is given here:  HADOOP-13984 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Proposed Changes

We propose to extend ""  config rule format/syntax by supporting an optional  "/U" (toUpperCase) at the end of the rule. Since usernames are locale insensitive strings, we propose to use Locale.ENGLISH for the case conversion

 For example, given the rules

If the source string is JOE-QA-cl1/host@EXAMPLE.COM, the result will be JOE-QA
If the source string is joe-qa-cl1/host@EXAMPLE.COM, the result will be JOE-QA
If the source string is joe_user/host@EXAMPLE.COM, the result will be JOE-USER
If the source string is JOE_user/host@EXAMPLE.COM, the result will be JOE-USER

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

  • This is an extension to the existing format and there will be no impact on existing users.

Rejected Alternatives

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