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Since KIP-382 (MirrorMaker 2.0), a new method commitRecord was included in SourceTask class to be called by the worker adding a new parameter with the record metadata. The old commitRecord method is called from the new one and is not called anymore (it's preserved just for backwards compatibility).

Public Interfaces

package org.apache.kafka.connect.source;

// imports

public abstract class SourceTask implements Task {

    protected SourceTaskContext context;

// ...
     * ....
     * @deprecated Use {@link #commitRecord(SourceRecord, RecordMetadata)} instead.
    public void commitRecord(SourceRecord record) throws InterruptedException {

// ...

Proposed Changes

I suggest to deprecate commitRecord(SourceRecord) in class SourceTask.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

As we are only deprecating a method in a class, there are not backward compatibility concerns.

Rejected Alternatives


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