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Discussion thread: Discussion was skipped. [VOTE] KIP-626: Rename StreamsConfig config variable name

JIRA: KAFKA-10168 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Released: 2.7

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All Kafka Streams configuration parameter are exposed via public variables in StreamsConfig class and all end with _CONFIG  suffix. However, we added the variable of "topology.optimization"  as TOPOLOGY_OPTIMIZATION  instead of TOPOLOGY_OPTIMIZATION_CONFIG and thus don't follow the commonly applied naming pattern.

Public Interfaces

We propose to update the variable name to match the common naming pattern. Note, that the parameter name itself is not affected.

public class StreamsConfig {
    public static final String TOPOLOGY_OPTIMIZATION = "topology.optimization";

    // new
    public static final String TOPOLOGY_OPTIMIZATION_CONFIG = "topology.optimization";

Proposed Changes

We rename the public variable to align it to the common naming schema by deprecating the existing variable, and adding a new one with the corrected name.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

  • Users using parameter name "topology.optimization" directly (ie, config scripts etc) are not affected
  • Users using StreamsConfig#TOPOLOGY_OPTIMIZATION  can update their code to StreamsConfig#TOPOLOGY_OPTIMIZATION_CONFIG 

Test Plan

No additional testing is required.

Rejected Alternatives


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