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Since KIP-690: Add additional configuration to control MirrorMaker 2 internal topics naming convention, the replication.policy.separator has been used to control the name of internal topics for DefaultReplicationPolicy, causing backward compatibility issues with offset syncs and checkpoint topics when users set a customized replication.policy.separator. This impacted 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 versions. 

Currently, the only way to work around this is either by providing a new version of ReplicationPolicy (which can optionally subclass the DefaultReplicationPolicy class) that overrides the ReplicationPolicy.offsetSyncsTopic and ReplicationPolicy.checkpointsTopic methods to use old topics if users still want to use the old internal topics, or by deleting the old internal topics and letting MM2 set up the new ones.

In this KIP, we are proposing to add replication.policy.internal.topic.separator.enabled to allow customers to control this using configurations instead of providing a new implementation for both checkpoints and offset sync topics. The heartbeat topic isn't controlled by the separator at all.

Public Interfaces

PropertyDefault value Description

whether or not to use replication.policy.separator to control internal topic names

Proposed Changes

public class DefaultReplicationPolicy implements ReplicationPolicy, Configurable {

	private Boolean isInternalTopicSeparatorEnabled;
    public void configure(Map<String, ?> props) {
        if (props.containsKey(INTERNAL_TOPIC_SEPARATOR_ENABLED_CONFIG)) {
            isInternalTopicSepratorEnabled = (Boolean) props.get(INTERNAL_TOPIC_SEPRATOR_ENABLED_CONFIG);
    private String internalSeparator() {
        return isInternalTopicSeparatorEnabled ? separator : ".";

    public String offsetSyncsTopic(String clusterAlias) // should use internalSeparator() to name the offset sync topic
    public String checkpointsTopic(String clusterAlias) // should use internalSeparator() to name the offset topic

Backporting plan

  • The KIP need to be released as part of the bugfix release to the last 3 versions
  • The KIP need to be backported into 3.1 and 3.2 (any other version reached EOL post KIP-690).  

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

Users who upgrade from Kafka < 3.1 and wish to disable controlling internal topics using the separator will need to set `replication.policy.internal.topic.separator.enabled` to false. Any users upgrading from > 3.1 don't need to do anything.  

Rejected Alternatives

  • Introduce a LegacyReplicationPolicy that inherits DefaultReplicationPolicy that provide an override for ReplicationPolicy.offsetSyncsTopic and ReplicationPolicy.checkpointsTopic methods to use old topics and ignore the usage of the topic's separator. The advantage of this approach is avoiding introducing a new property to only fix a backward compatibility bug. However, this approach has a high risk of diversion between this new class and  DefaultReplicationPolicy at some point in the future. It also adds another class to maintain for MM2 without adding a big value for the connector besides fixing the backward compatibility bug.
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