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The main goal is supporting interactive queries in presence of versioned state stores (KIP-889) in AK. For this KIP, the following query types are considered to be implemented. This KIP discusses single-key, single-timestamp queries. Other types of IQs are explained in the following KIPs (KIP-968 and KIP-969)  

Key Queries with single timestamp:

  1. single-key latest-value lookup
  2. single-key lookup with asOf timestamp

Proposed Changes

In this KIP we introduce the class VersionedKeyQuery with an Optional field to store the asOfTimestamp value. The method asOf  creates key queries having asOfTimestamp value as well.  
Defining the latest() method is not needed since returning the latest value has been always the default assumption. In other words, If a query is created without calling the asOf() method, it will return the latest value of the key.
package org.apache.kafka.streams.query;

 * Interactive query for retrieving a single record  from a versioned state store based on its key and timestamp.
 * <p>
 * See KIP-960 for more details.
public final class VersionedKeyQuery<K, V> implements Query<VersionedRecord<V>> {

    private final K key;
    private final Optional<Instant> asOfTimestamp;

    private VersionedKeyQuery(final K key, final Optional<Instant> asOfTimestamp) {
        this.key = Objects.requireNonNull(key);
        this.asOfTimestamp = asOfTimestamp;

     * Creates a query that will retrieve the latest record from a versioned state store identified by {@code key} if the key exists
     * (or {@code null} otherwise).
     * @param key The key to retrieve
     * @throws NullPointerException if @param key is null            
     * @param <K> The type of the key
     * @param <V> The type of the value that will be retrieved
     * @throws NullPointerException if @param key is null            
    public static <K, V> VersionedKeyQuery<K, V> withKey(final K key);

     * Specifies the as of timestamp for the key query. The key query returns the record
     * with the greatest timestamp <= asOfTimestamp
     * @param asOfTimestamp The as of timestamp for timestamp
     * if @param asOfTimestamp is null, it will be considered as Optional.empty()
    public VersionedKeyQuery<K, V> asOf(final Instant asOfTimestamp);

     * The key that was specified for this query.
    public K key();

     * The timestamp of the query, if specified
    public Optional<Instant> asOfTimestamp();


The following example illustrates the use of the VersionedKeyQuery class to query a versioned state store.

            Consumed.with(Serdes.Integer(), Serdes.Integer()),

final VersionedKeyQuery<Integer, Integer> query = VersionedKeyQuery.withKey(1).asOf(Instant.parse("2023-08-03T10:37:30.00Z");

final StateQueryRequest<VersionedRecord<Integer>> request =

final StateQueryResult<VersionedRecord<Integer>> result = kafkaStreams.query(request);

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

  • Since this is a completely new set of APIs, no backward compatibility concerns are anticipated. 
  • Since nothing is deprecated in this KIP, users have no need to migrate unless they want to.

Test Plan

The single-key_single-timestamp interactive queries will be tested in versioned stored IQv2 integration test (like non-versioned key queries).

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