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System Test is a Python based regression test framework to run system testing for Kafka. This document is intended to serve as a quick start guide. If you are a Kafka developer and would like to run a sanity test before checking in your change, you may just need to read the following sections:

Quick Start

Running System Test

Specify what test cases to run

Test Report Interpretation

Test Case Description

testcase description


Directory Structure Overview


How does it work

How does it validate test case failure


Logging of Kafka Components (Broker, ZK, Producer and Consumer)


Troubleshooting a failing case

The following describes the steps to troubleshoot a failing case running in a local machine.

Refer to Running System Test on how to quick starting System Test


Adding a Test Suite


Adding a Test Case

Logging of System Test Framework


Supported Platform

  • Linux

Obsolete Files

The following are not part of this Python based System Test framework

  • system_test/broker_failure
  • system_test/common
  • system_test/mirror_maker
  • system_test/producer_perf
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