Release Dates

Branch cutting planned for March 21, 2016. First RC is planned for March 22, 2016. RCs will roll out as needed until the release vote passes.

Release Manager

The release manager is Gwen Shapira

How to Contribute

Before April 26:

  • Participate in votes and discussions to land or postpone the open KIPs
  • Review patches. We anticipate that this release will be bottlenecked mostly on reviews. The more reviewers, the more content we can fit in.
  • Write system tests. We want to preserve the tradition of high-quality releases in Apache Kafka. 

After April 26:

  • Test the release candidates
  • Open bugs on important issues found
  • Fix bugs
  • Review bug fixes
  • Vote on RCs. Even though only PMC votes are binding, community votes are super important as we evaluate the readiness of the release


Due to important proposals being caught "in-flight" and low participation in the release votes, we decided to push out the release by 3 weeks. The next release candidate will be rolled out by April 22.
Until then, commits will go to trunk, with weekly merges to 0.10.0 branch on Mondays. 

Open Issues

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Planned Content

Note: The planned content is not binding - final content will be based the features committed by branch-cutting date.

KIP-28Kafka Streams Committed
KIP-31Relative offsets in compressed messagesKAFKA-2511Committed
KIP-32Add timestamps to messagesKAFKA-2511Committed
KIP-36Rack awarenessKAFKA-1215Committed
KIP-41KafkaConsumer max recordsKAFKA-3007 Committed
KIP-42Client interceptorsKAFKA-3162 Committed
KIP-45Standardize client sequencesKAFKA-3006Committed
KIP-51List Connectors REST APIKAFKA-3316Committed
KIP-4Admin APIKAFKA-1694Changes to Metadata Protocol committed
KIP-35Protocol version improvementsKAFKA-3304 Committed
KIP-43SASL improvementsKAFKA-3149 Committed
KIP-52Connector Control APIKAFKA-2370, KAFKA-3506Committed
KIP-56Allow cross origin HTTP requests on all HTTP methodsKAFKA-3578Committed
KIP-57Interoperable LZ4 FramingKAFKA-3160Committed
KIP-33Time-based indexKAFKA-3163In review - not included in release
KIP-47Timestamp-based deletion policyKAFKA-3224In vote
KIP-49Fair Partition Assignment policy



Under discussion
KIP-50Improve Authz interfaceKAFKA-3186In review - not included in release
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