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jmxterm is an excellent tool to poke mbeans. It is basically an interactive terminal-based JMX client. It is especially useful for scripting.

How to get it

Interactive mode

It comes with help:

java -jar jmxterm-1.0-alpha-4-uber.jar
Welcome to JMX terminal. Type "help" for available commands.
#following commands are available to use:
about    - Display about page
bean     - Display or set current selected MBean. 
beans    - List available beans under a domain or all domains
bye      - Terminate console and exit
close    - Close current JMX connection
domain   - Display or set current selected domain. 
domains  - List all available domain names
exit     - Terminate console and exit
get      - Get value of MBean attribute(s)
help     - Display available commands or usage of a command
info     - Display detail information about an MBean
jvms     - List all running local JVM processes
open     - Open JMX session or display current connection
option   - Set options for command session
quit     - Terminate console and exit
run      - Invoke an MBean operation
set      - Set value of an MBean attribute
$>help beans
usage: beans [-d <val>] [-h]
List available beans under a domain or all domains
  -d,--domain <val>  Name of domain under which beans are listed
  -h,--help          Display usage
Without -d option, current select domain is applied. If there's no domain
specified, all beans are listed. Example:
beans -d java.lang

Here is an example of connecting to an existing JVM and querying for a specific bean:

$>open 10167
$>info -b kafka.server:name=TotalFetchRequestsPerSec,topic=topicG,type=BrokerTopicMetrics
#mbean = kafka.server:name=TotalFetchRequestsPerSec,topic=topicG,type=BrokerTopicMetrics
#class name = com.yammer.metrics.reporting.JmxReporter$Meter
# attributes
  %0   - Count (long, r)
  %1   - EventType (java.lang.String, r)
  %2   - FifteenMinuteRate (double, r)
  %3   - FiveMinuteRate (double, r)
  %4   - MeanRate (double, r)
  %5   - OneMinuteRate (double, r)
  %6   - RateUnit (java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit, r)
# operations
  %0   - objectName()
#there's no notifications
$>get -s -b kafka.server:name=TotalFetchRequestsPerSec,topic=topicG,type=BrokerTopicMetrics OneMinuteRate
#mbean = kafka.server:name=TotalFetchRequestsPerSec,topic=topicG,type=BrokerTopicMetrics:

(You can use the domain command to set the domain to avoid having to type out the fully qualified object name.)

Non-interactive (batch) mode

Same as above example, but non-interactive.

$ cat jmxcommands 
open 10167
get -s -b kafka.server:name=TotalFetchRequestsPerSec,topic=topicG,type=BrokerTopicMetrics OneMinuteRate

$ java -jar jmxterm-1.0-alpha-4-uber.jar -v silent -n < jmxcommands 

If you have a JMX URI at hand, you can also poke remote mbeans:

$ java -jar jmxterm-1.0-alpha-4-uber.jar -l <JMX URI> -v silent -n < jmxcommands
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