Missing Functionality in CMS screens (To-Do)

Note: These should really go into Bugzilla.

If the ultimate goal for whatever future version of Lenya will be to be able to create a new publication, define it's languages, menu structure, doctypes and look and feel and be able to edit and publish the content of it without ever having to go to the commend prompt and edit any files directly and manually, there is some To-Dos in the CMS sreens part of Lenya.

As the author of this page is currently going through a lot of this manually and on the file system layer in order to at least keep web designers happy so they can edit their content in a browser this is a collection of missing CMS GUI functionality so nothing will get lost.

Administration of Publications

  • Create a new publication
  • Define languages
  • Define custom doctypes
  • Edit "empty page" template

Formatting Publications

  • Edit the CSS (or at least allow to edit in a form or provide a browser based upload)
  • Switch between default / publication specfic menus
  • Allow editing, form based editing or browser upload of XSL files
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