This page summarizes currently known problems when running with java8, latest beta (1.8.0-ea-b124).

see also MNG-5551 for compilations issues

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If issues appear due to regression in JDK8, they can be filed at

Issues registered by the Apache Maven team can found be found by label apache-maven-found


MSHADE-166 Believed to have substantial problems due to ASM 5 being required. ASM5 has a tentative release date in march, with a current beta version and possibly another beta later.

fixed in 2.3 (released on 2014-05-02)


The current compiler plugin should work on java8, as long as you stay away from the error-prone compiler. The compiler plugin IT's fail on JDK8 because the error-prone-compiler does not work with JDK8. plexus-compiler has adaptations for error-prone on branch MCOMPILER217, but error prone IT fails on m-c-p.


Running forkMode=never was fixed in 2.17 (released on 2014-03-16). Requires b124


The javadoc executable has become stricter compared to previous versions:

  • "unknown tag" has become an error
  • "reference not found" has become an error

This means that generating the javadocs can suddenly fail only by upgrading the JDK

The -Xdoclint option allows you to disable some or all of the new checks provided by javadoc.  You can disable the reference checks with -Xdoclint:all,-reference

See MSITE-701 for the details.

Another issue is that the excludedocfilessubdir option is ignored with Windows7, org.apache.maven.plugin.javadoc.JavadocReportTest.testJavadocResources() fails when trying to confirm that the maven-feather.png hasn't been copied (watch it, it's the third assertion for the feather!)

This issue has been registered as and confirmed.


With jdk <1.8, when jarsigner can not verify a jar then exit code is 1 (this is normal); while with jdk 1.8, result code is 0.

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