Unlike many other errors, this exception is not generated by the Maven core itself but by a plugin. As a rule of thumb, plugins use this error to signal a failure of the build because there is something wrong with the dependencies or sources of a project, e.g. a compilation or a test failure.

The concrete meaning of the exception depends on the plugin so please have a look at its documentation. The documentation for many common Maven plugins can be reached via our plugin index.

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  1. this after apply patch 232 https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MAHOUT-232 wo I can do next? How to solve it?

    1. Sorry, but we can't help with the Mahout build. Please contact users@mahout.apache.org

      1. oh Thanks can your tell me how mahout can use svm to solve some problem now ? like KDD99 Data ?,i work on it to use svm Algorithms for a project ? but I don't kown how I solve it ,like wtat it is of some step ? thank you!