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Unlike many other errors, this exception is not generated by the Maven core itself but by a plugin. As a rule of thumb, plugins use this error to signal a failure of the build because there is something wrong with the dependencies or sources of a project, e.g. a compilation or a test failure.

The concrete meaning of the exception depends on the plugin so please have a look at its documentation. The documentation for many common Maven plugins can be reached via our plugin index.

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  1. this after apply patch 232 wo I can do next? How to solve it?

    1. Sorry, but we can't help with the Mahout build. Please contact

      1. oh Thanks can your tell me how mahout can use svm to solve some problem now ? like KDD99 Data ?,i work on it to use svm Algorithms for a project ? but I don't kown how I solve it ,like wtat it is of some step ? thank you!