This error generally occurs when Maven could not download dependencies. Possible causes for this error are:

  1. You are referring to a non-existing artifact, e.g. by means of a typo in its group id, artifact id or version.
  2. You are using an artifact that is not deployed to the central Maven repository and your POM/settings is missing the required <repository> to download the artifact. Note that <pluginRepository> declarations are not considered when looking for project dependencies, only <repositories> are searched for project dependencies.
  3. The repository you have configured requires authentication and Maven failed to provide the correct credentials to the server. In this case, make sure your ${user.home}/.m2/settings.xml contains a <server> declaration whose <id> matches the <id> of the plugin repository to use. See the Maven Settings Reference for more details.
  4. There is a general network problem that prevents Maven from accessing any remote repository, e.g. a missing proxy configuration.
  5. Maven failed to save the files to your local repository, see LocalRepositoryNotAccessibleException for more details.
  6. The repository you have configured is disabled for the specific version of the artifact you requested. For instance, if you want to use a SNAPSHOT version of a dependency, make sure you don't have <snapshots><enabled>false</enabled></snapshots> configured. Likewise, in order to resolve a released version of the dependency, the repository should not be configured with <releases><enabled>false</enabled></releases>. See the POM Reference for more information on repository configuration.

In those cases, check your POM and/or settings for the proper contents. If you configured the repository in a profile of your settings.xml, also verify that this profile gets actually activated, e.g. via invoking mvn help:active-profiles.

In case of a general network-related problem, you could also consult the following articles:

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