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Mercury is a serious attempt to:

  • Decouple major Maven components, making them available as stand-alone building blocks rather then having Maven as as one big monolith, not usable outside of its environment.
  • Artifact - clearly separate an Artifact from its metadata.
  • Repository - convert a repository into active component. It used to give back just pathOf(), now it accepts GAV collections and gives back either metadata or full blown Artifacts.
  • Transport - an API in development.
  • DependencyBuilder main API for dependency graph creation and conflict resolution.
  • Decouple container, so that these components are just plain pojos. This is not necessarily good as wiring components together without a container complicates using the library.
  • Introduce Jetty-based HTTP/HTTPS and WebDAV transactional transport layer.
  • Asynchronous downloads and uploads. One of the few successful usages of Java NIO in OSS.
  • Transactional operations - all-or-nothing for file sets.
  • Move integrity control into transport layer, upper level components should not care about these details.
  • Abstract out metadata cache, provide at least one implementation there.
  • Integrate these changes back to Maven 3.x to make it even better platform than it is right now

Currently Mercury can already be used for accessing repositories, and conflict resolution/classpath calculation.

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