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Step 1 - Setup your account

Log into

(if you don't already have it) generate your PGP and RSA keys

Add your RSA and PGP Key to your LDAP account

Update account, wait for 5 mins for changes to take effect

Step 2 - Generate Build Artifacts

Step 3 - Sign the Build 

gpg --armor --output Metron_[release_name]_incubating.tar.gz.asc --detach-sig Metron_[release_name]_incubating.tar.gz

 gpg --print-md SHA1 Metron_[release_name]_incubating.tar.gz > Metron_[release_name]_incubating.tar.gz.sha


Step 4 - Stage the Build

Log into people.apache org (make sure you follow step 1 before logging in)

sftp -i ~/.ssh/[keyname] [username]

Create a release directory under ~[username]/public_html/metron/[release]

Upload the following files:


An example staged build should look like this:

Step 5 - Call for a release vote

Make sure to include:

A tag has been created for Metron_0.1BETA_RC5


  • Github link 
  • Apache github link 
  • Git hash
  • Staging directory in
  • And validation instructions

A sample vote email can be seen here


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