New Committers

Congratulations! You have reached committer status. This page will help you to get up and started.

Once the Apache Software foundation has granted you committer status, you should have gotten a mail similar to following message:

Dear Max Committer, We're glad to tell you that your account has been created and is now available for use. Your login details are: username: maxcom password: reuhgw342434 This will grant you access to cvs.apache.org. Obviously, we'd request that you change the password as soon as you login the first time! Even better would be to change your password and then upload your SSH keys to the server so that you then won't need a password at all. Please note that until the Project Management Committee responsible for the project to which you were given group membership actually grants you access to the relevant source code modules, you won't be able to commit anything. If you have problems committing, you need to email pmc@myfaces.apache.org. The ASF is a large community spread over a number of different technologies and programming languages, with access to a number of servers. The project that has requested your account is part of the ASF and your account is managed by the ASF infrastructure team. In the unlikely case of problems please send an email to infrastructure@apache.org outlining your problem. More information on the ASF can be found at <http://www.apache.org/> and information of interest to developers can be found at <http://www.apache.org/dev/>. There exist several ASF wide mailing lists that may be of interest to you, in particular community@apache.org which is aimed at improving relations between the various projects and people within the ASF. Should you have any questions of a more general nature then please direct them initially to your project. We hope your time spent as a committer will be enjoyable, The Apache Software Foundation

This means that you have access to the apache infrastructure and to the apache SVN and ssh servers. You now can login
into the respective servers via ssh.

SVN access

You cannot check-in code until the respective project maintainers/committees have granted you write access, which should happen soon after you have gotten the above email.
Afterwards, full write access to your respective project should be enabled. If things still fail, contact your respective project maintainers/committees.

It's possible to change your SVN password at https://svn.apache.org/change-password.

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