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To scale a cluster up or down, use the Cluster API. The Cluster API provide flexup and flex down capability the changes the size of one or more instances in a cluster. The instance size is a profile parameter that is a predefined value of zero, small, medium, and large. These predefined values are specified in the Myriad configuration file (myriad-config-default.yml). To specify the number of instances for a service, use the Service API. Services are configured in the Myriad configuration file (myriad-config-default.yml). To retrieve the Myriad configuration and the Myriad Scheduler state, use the Configuration API and State API.

The Myriad REST API provides the following functionality:


APIHTTP MethodURIDescription
ClusterPUT/api/cluster/flexupExpands the cluster size.
ClusterPUT/api/cluster/flexdownShrinks the cluster size.
ServicePUT/api/cluster/flexupserviceIncreases the number of instances for a service.
ServicePUT/api/cluster/flexdownserviceShrinks the number of instances for a service.
ConfigurationGET/api/configRetrieves the Myriad configuration.
StateGET/api/stateRetrieves a snapshot of the Myriad Scheduler state.
FrameworkGET/api/framework/shutdown/frameworkDestroys the Myriad framework.
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