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  1. Hello,

    My team is working on a large scale data migration project for the U.S. Government and we'd like to use Nifi and Nifi registry. However, it appears that Nifi Registry is not supported in Windows, and that is the only platform we are allowed to use for our development. Are there any recommended work arounds for how to use Nifi in Windows while using some other form of version control like Git without going through the Registry? Is there any chance that the Registry will be supported in Windows any time soon?

    Thank you

    1. NiFi Registry is not supported on Windows and there are no current development plans to change that. You can deploy it on Windows at your own risk. There are manual processes/scripts you can put into place to backup the flow.xml.gz  file from the NiFi conf/ directory periodically, but you will not get the feature set that NiFi Registry offers. 

      In the future, please ask questions via the mailing list. 

    2. I agree with Andy's answer and just wanted to add that "unsupported" doesn't necessarily mean it will completely not work, its more that it hasn't been fully vetted on Windows and is a bit of an unknown. From what I remember, I do believe there was a specific issue with the Git integration on Windows that may be related to the underlying library used (jGit) NIFIREG-203 - Getting issue details... STATUS . You could still attempt to use it with the file-system flow storage instead of git.