Model for code management in Apache NiFi Git Repository

  • The branch designated 'main' will be for the latest major release line under active development.
  • Commits against main should be evaluated for whether they should be applied to other still supported major release lines consistent with the support model for NiFi release lines.
  • When a release occurs a signed tag will be generated following the naming convention of 'rel/nifi-x.y.z'
  • If an incremental release will be made from a given minor release line then a support branch will be created off that minor release.  If the minor release was 'rel/nifi-1.13.0' the support branch created will be 'support/nifi-1.13'.  Commits for that support line are added and then once desired a release will be cut such as 'rel/nifi-1.13.1'.

Model for Support of NiFI Release Lines

  • We support the current minor release on a given major release line.  We would rarely, if ever, go back to previous minor release and conduct a release.
  • If we do not have a minor release being produced imminently then all security or data loss related fixes would result in an incremental release on the current minor release line. 
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