NuttX Releases - has info on how to get each release and the release notes.


Versioned NuttX Packages

Main NuttX Package

NuttX source code is available to the public under the permissive BSD license, available for download at:

Related Packages

  • Application Directory. This directory holds an optional package of applications and libraries can be used with the NuttX RTOS. There is a README.txt file there that will provide a more information about that package.
  • uClibc++. This repository contains a version of the uClibc++ C++ library. This code originates from and has been adapted for NuttX by the RGMP team.
  • buildroot. A environment that you can to use to build a custom, NuttX GNU toolchain.
  • tools. There are snapshots of some tools here that you will need to work with NuttX: kconfig-frontends, genromfs, and others.

Cloning from a GIT Repository

Main NuttX GIT Repsitory

Source code is also available from the main NuttX GIT repository:

  git clone nuttx

Related GIT Repsitories

These related packages are also available in GIT repositories:

  git clone buildroot
  git clone tools
  git clone uClibc++

Tagged Versions =

You can also checkout versioned releases of NuttX from the repository. For example, the released version NuttX-7.11 is tagged as nuttx-7.11 in the NuttX repository. The companion apps/ repository is similarly tagged so that the nuttx-7.11 tag in the apps/ repository coincides with NuttX code at the nuttx-7.11 tag.

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